At Kangaroo Flat Veterinary Clinic we are experienced at dealing with camelids, the clinic having seen them since they first arrived in the Bendigo Region. We can offer you a number of services for herd health including:

  • Nutrition advice
  • Management advice
  • Disease screening
  • Health checks for registration and/or insurance
  • Castration

Kangaroo Flat Veterinary Clinic's Dr Paul is accredited with the Q-Alpaca program. 
The Q-Alpaca program is an alpaca quality assurance, designed to ensure the maintenance of healthy herds accross Australia. The program relies on responsible alpaca breeders/owners and qualified veterinary professionals.
At Kangaroo Flat Veterinary Clinic we have been seeing alpacas for over 20 years, for a whole spectrum of problems and importantly we are working towards the prevention of future problems.